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Available Services

Pedicured Feet

Routine Footcare

Corns, calluses, nail fungal, ingrowing toenails, thickened nails, discoloured nails (haematoma) and injures

Nail Surgery

A full medical history and vascular assessment will be carried out before nail surgery considered as a treatment option.Nail surgery will be carried out under local anaesthetic.

New Patients

Thorough assessment and diagnosis, treatment discussions, treatment plans. 


At initial verruca consultation a full medical history/vascular assessment will be taken. Patient will be advised on different forms of verruca treatments available  and suitable treatment plan for each patient.

Diabetic Treatment

Diabetic screening, footcare treatments, diabetic healthcare and footwear advice

Footcare Advice and Products

Advice on caring for your feet, diabetic footcare advice, chilblains, holiday feet. Assorted silicone gel products, creams and simple insoles.

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